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Gifts with Deeper Meanings

Talismans, lucky charms and crystals are present in all cultures as tokens for us to be mindful.   Reminders to hold our desires, motivation or to heal have been part of history for centuries.     The Laughing Buddha, is an easily recognizable Asian symbol of good luck, contentment and abundance.   Once a historical Chinese monk, the Laughing Buddha is almost always shown smiling or laughing, and is also referred to as the "Fat Buddha".  Legend has it that if one rubs the Laughing Buddha’s great belly, it brings wealth, good luck and prosperity. Mantras are chanted sounds, syllables, or group of words considered to be capable of transforming.  One of the best known six-syllabled Tibetan Buddhist mantra “Om Mani Padme...

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Friendships - in different ways

Friendship Bracelets date back to ancient Central America and Native American. Primitive friendship bracelet styles are based on native patterns and colours dating back to the Navajo in the 16th century.

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Making a Statement with a Values Bracelet: Women Helping Women

There’s no denying that statement jewelry can take your look to the next level, but what if your jewelry could make a statement that goes beyond your ensemble? At Ona Chan, we’ve created an exclusive line of statement jewelry for women who are ready to take their passion for fashion and use it to help and empower other women.    Statement Jewelry That Gives Back to Dress for Success As strong, independent women, we believe it’s our privilege and responsibility to help other women in less fortunate situations. Whether it’s due to a lack of finances or a lack of educational opportunities, every woman deserves the opportunity to live the best life possible. And that’s what our Values Bracelet helps...

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