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Stories of travel, arts, fashion and life through jewelry.  What's your story?
Slow fashion - inspired by life, created by artisans delivered to you.
Ona Chan Jewelry collection is an on-going evolution of travel, new adventures and taking chances.  Above all living authentically.                                                    
From Toronto, Sydney and Hong Kong, I found myself in New York City writing for Fashion Week when 911 happened.  Shocked and pregnant I returned to what was natural for me - working with my hands and carving.
I began to sell in New York - but my husband was transferred back to Hong Kong. We then decided to take our kids to explore remote areas when ever possible.  We biked in Taiwan from mountains to beach, trekked toThe Henry Moore sculpture in City Hall had an enormous impact on me as a kid.  I climbed it every time I saw it.  It was beautiful to me and I secretly wanted to sculpt and create beautiful works of art for people to love.  Opting out of a fine arts - a fine art degree, I  studied design at Ryerson.  I later went on to work in Public Relations with some of today's most noted names in fashion - Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci. wards the Himalayan Mountains, cycled in Bhutan, sailed in Columbo and watched sea turtles in Sabah.
Every trip was incredibly breathtaking.  
Drawn to ornate ideas and imagery I like to pare down to clean simple minimal pieces with quality materials.  I love when people put their own spin and touch to my work making it unique to them.  
I want to bring life, arts and fashion together into one form.  The pieces range from 18K gold or 925 Silver with semi-precious stones to bronze with natural stones and quartz highlighted with Swarovski crystals.  
Peace, Love and Adventure
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