Mantra Buddha with Druzy Natural Necklace


Mantra Buddha Necklace with Natural Druzy 

The Mantra Buddha with Druzy Natural Necklace was inspired by the Eye of Buddha also known as the light of Asia.  It's the symbol of peace, harmony, wisdom and conscience.

This jewelry collection was inspired by the colour and iconic images of Bhutan.  Natural Druzy brings a special earthiness to the ring and the rest of the collection.  Perfect for the sophisticated urban bohemian.   

After visiting Bhutan you will realize the importance of natural stones in the Buddhist beliefs. Saving their most precious stones believers will bring them to temples and offer them to Buddha by imbedding them into to floor. 

The Mantra Buddha with Druzy Natural Necklace is made with silver and is highlighted with a piece of natural Druzy which allows each  piece to be unique.

Silver, Natural Stone, 16 - 18"

*due to natural variance of the stone there are slight differences to each piece.

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