Mantra Long Rectagular Earring with Earth Stones - tiger's eye
Mantra Long Rectagular Earring with blue quartz
Mantra Long Rectagular Earring with rose quartz
Young woman in garden wearing Mantra Long Rectagular Earring With Earth Stones

Mantra Long Rectangular Earring with Earth Stones | Mantra Collection

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Mantra Long Rectangular Earring - inspired by healing stones - a perfect minimalist jewelry 

Created from 925 Sterling Silver and set with natural healing stones - the Mantra Long Rectangular Earrings are minimal earrings but full impact. 

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Brushed Finish  
  • Pendant 1 1/8 x 1/8" hook drop 3/4"
  • Rose Quartz with Rose Gold Plate - Unconditional Love and Hope
  • Blue Quartz with Rhodium Plate - Open to communication
  • Tiger's Eye with Gold Plate - Protective Stone, Luck, Prosperity