2020 Year of the Rat!

2020 Year of the Rat!


Assortment of Necklaces and Pendants, Chinese New Year, Laughing Buddha and Sunbursts

Just when you think you are free from the holiday insanity, some of us are just getting into Chinese New Year.  

 Chinese New Year Pendants - Rat, Rooster, Monkey

As a kid growing up in the 80s - Chinese New Year wasn’t a public affair as it is now.  It was a private gathering of the many groups of people in my family making dumplings and eating different foods on different days.  Though it was fun to see all the cousins I didn’t see the value of all the spring clean-up and superstitions.  Since moving from home and having my own kids – we do the spring declutter, pay all our dues, have a family with noodles and dumpling and not use a knife during CNY. 

Mantra Dagger Necklace and Mantra Cube Necklace and Earrings with Chinese New Year Necklace on marble table

Chinese New Year has become more mainstream.  Like, in the western culture there are different animals to symbolize different years – even Cosmo has written about the Chinese horoscope!  Though, I don’t usually subscribe to all the annual star sign predictions - I happily tell people I am a Capricorn Fire Horse.  

 Chinese New Year Necklaces on red table with ceramic succulent

2020 is the year of the Rat.  Rats are clever creatures and people born in the Year of the Rat are intuitive and alert making them brilliant in business and reactive before the worst circumstances take place.  They are sophisticated, very optimistic and energetic and well liked.

Year of the Rat - Chinese New Year Pendant with a black sweater

Rats are in great company with Rosa Parks, Ozzy Osbourne, Prince Charles and Katy Perry to name a few. 


Horoscope Pendants and Talisman are personal and it’s a fun modern way to align with your stars! 

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