Ona Chan

Every day is a luxury.  

An Asian city girl married to a red headed backpacker - Ona learned to love a slow boat though Myanmar to hiking up Mount Kinabalu in the dark with kids and head lamps.  She has biked through Taiwan from mountains to beach, trekked towards the Himalayan Mountains, cycled in Bhutan, sailed in Sri Lanka and watched sea turtles in Sabah.

Ona dreams in jewelry.

Her desire to create jewelry comes from a place of personal identity.  Celebrating emotions and life's moments - births, anniversaries, moving countries in jewelry while her inspiration comes from how she wants to live as a global citizen, mindful and moving forward by reflecting on personal history and blending cultures.  She creates modern heirlooms that express a kinder world.

Bhutan Tiger's Nest Temple - Paro Taktsang

Celebrating our lives with meaningful, demi fine jewelry. Fair priced, exceptional materials and personalized service.  

Stories of culture, taking chances and community through jewelry. We all have a different story.....Find the piece that celebrate your choices.  

Ona Chan Jewelry are future keepsakes for a mindful, authentic life.  

Live life with Grace and Unity.




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