ona chan


Like the world we live in, Ona's growing jewelry collection is a reflection of all our on-going evolution, travel, new adventures and taking chances.  

Always painting, drawing and creating, Ona's passion led her towards a fine arts degree with an eye on sculpting.  Unsure of a fine art degree, Ona declined and opted for design school.  Ona went on to work in Public Relations with some of today's most noted names in fashion - Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci. 

Having lived in Toronto to Sydney to Hong Kong to New York City, Ona found one of the world's most inspirational cities to start a family.  While living in Murray Hill in New York City and reflecting on personal change....Ona returned to the love of working with her hands which lead to her return to study and discovered wax carving and sculpting.  

After selling commissioned pieces in New York, she once again picked up to return to Hong Kong where her family continued to travel to beautiful remote areas.  From trekking towards the Himalayan Mountains, cycling in Bhutan, sailing in Columbo and watching sea turtles in Sabah - "inspiration is alway around us".  

Today, in Vancouver, Canada a new urban adventure has begun. 

Drawn to ornate ideas and imagery Ona pares them down to clean simple minimal everyday pieces.  She loves her pieces to be layered and worn playfully for the wearing to express themselves and making each piece unique.   

Coming full circle - Ona brings together sculpting and fashion.  Her pieces range from 18K gold or 925 Silver with semi-precious stones to bronze with natural stones and quartz highlighted with Swarovski crystals.  

Peace, Love and Adventure