hand on table next to yellow flower wearing Lattice Cocktail Ring in Black Agate

Crushing on Crystals

hand holding a yellow flower wearing a Lattice Cocktail Ring with Black Agate.

Crystals and Quartz are more common than we think.  

At Ona Chan Jewelry, we love to incorporate Crystals and Quartz into our jewelry; they are used in everyday life; technologybeauty products or clothing.  While crystals aren't magic, they are tools to help spark change or to remind us of our goals.  Gorgeous to look at; there are many ways to include healing properties into our busy lives. 

Lucky Horn with Striped Agate and Charm on bamboo board

It is said, you don't choose the crystal - the crystal chooses you.  When shopping for a crystal, look around and see what you're drawn to.  Whatever your reason for seeking a stone; the right crystal will find you.  Trust your intuition.  There is never a wrong choice.  

Recharge your spiritual energy by holding crystals while meditating.  The Black and White Agate from our Lucky Horn Necklace is used to cleanse our aura. Agates enhance mental function and concentration to soothe and calm.
Elevate and cleanse your home’s energy by creating a cozy corner of your dresser or desk.  Use a special tray and placing a few crystal pieces to personalize your private area which will send you good vibes at work or rest. 

Jewelry reimagined with healing crystals at Ona Chan Jewelry bring new meaning to statement jewelry.  

Lattice Corded Friendship Bracelet in Rose Quartz on a white table next to a lemon

Bring in love through a Rose Quartz with our favorite Lattice Corded Friendship Bracelets.  Rose Quartz is often placed by a bedside to fill the room with love to give a better night’s sleep.   

young girl holding Mantra Horizontal Necklace with Round stones to her mouth

Like the ocean's calming waters, the layers of Blue Lace Agate in the Manta Horizontal Necklace sends calming vibes to envelop you with peace and tranquility

Lattice Square Cocktail Ring in Tiger's Eye on wood table next to crystals and feather

In our ever-changing lives and careers, the luxurious deep coloured stripes in the Tiger's Eye Lattice Square Ring is often used to remind us of the many different paths to success. 


Trust yourself and pick what feels right at Ona Chan Jewelry.




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