Do men really care?  What Bloomberg has to say -

Do men really care? What Bloomberg has to say -


I never thought much about jewelry for men outside of cufflinks and money clips.  My husband who is a mamil loves his bike gear cufflinks but most days he has a simple card holder and not much else - especially with chipped credit cards he doesn't even carry money.  

Over the centuries men's jewelry has changed as their clothing did - which in many cases was practical.  From cufflinks to hold up sleeves, tie pins to secure cravats to watches (Hemel - my new favourite!) as office work became mainstream.  With social media moving in light speed so does fashion tastes and acceptance.  

While news of Fashion Week circulation around us, men too are looking for jewelry to accessorize.  Bracelets are one of those pieces that are staples in history. From prehistoric times of bones and shells to ward off evil spirits to modern men displaying power, status and luck.  

Men's fashion conventions have opened up to whatever they like.  While I work on my personalized bracelets, my teen son slyly slips one on - good to know he thinks I'm cool.  Bloomberg

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