Forget the Trends and Go With What You Feel | Love and Hearts

Forget the Trends and Go With What You Feel | Love and Hearts

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Fifteen years ago I fell in love with an image...the wiry image of my son before he was born.

At my OBGYN in New York, an excited technician wanted to show me their new ultrasound machine which gave images of babies in 3D and 4D.  This was my second pregnancy and when I saw the tiny shape of my baby I instantly filled with love.  I didn't feel this with my first pregnancy - maybe the mother/child love was too foreign to me to understand or more likely because the usual flat alien image was just that - flat.  But when I saw the 3D image - I was instantly in love.

So absorbed with love I could only express it through carving.  This was one of my first pieces and it took ages to perfect it.....secretly my husband was too afraid to tell me it didn't look much more than a lump of wax.  After months to complete - he was totally shocked that I may have had some sort of talent.  The collection took many more years to complete marred with endless changes, sampling and sadly many orginals lost through unfortunate circumstances.

My son is now turning 16 and today he drives me crazy as I suppose all teen sons do...but every time I look down at my hand - I feel this complete love I can't explain....luckily for me hearts are all the rage again.

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