Friendships - in different ways

Friendships - in different ways

We kiss, share coffees or exchange gifts.  Friendship Bracelets - one of the oldest ways to show we care.  

Lattice Corded Friendship Bracelets in Natural stones on marble table next to Matcha Latte

Friendship Bracelets date back to ancient Central America and Native American. Primitive friendship bracelet styles are based on native patterns and colours dating back to the Navajo in the 16th century.  

Around 481 – 221 BC, China introduced decorative knots for everyday life which later became significant in folklore.  Throughout Asia different variations of the Red String of Destiny is told.  According to myths, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the finger of those couples that are destined to be lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. 

Friendship Bracelet - String of Destiny in Red and Black on lap with a book   Friendship Bracelets - Mimi Too Elastic Bracelet / hair tie Bunny in grey with gold polka dots

Friendship Bracelets have evolved from decorative macreame knots to adorable Elasticize Bracelets – whatever the style they are definitely a staple in fashion accessories.  
Ona Chan’s statement friendship bracelets, have taking this simple gesture and modernized it by combining them with natural healing stones/quartz, architectural motifs or whimsical children's drawings.  

Inspired by family, travel and culture, we have a mixture of beautifully polished stones in the Lattice Corded Bracelets with stones and quartz to the Lattice Jagged Corded Bracelet and the Mimi Too Elastic Bracelets -  pick one that expresses your true self or as a gift that best symbolizes how you feel about your special someone.  

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