Ona Chan Hamilton is an internationally renowned artist and designer and fashion influencer. She will lend her talents, innate sensibilities and voice to DOWNTOWN Magazine brand as a contributing Lifestyle and Fashion Editor. We’re so excited about her contributions that we couldn’t wait to tell our readers more about her.

Born in Toronto, Ona developed a passion for art at a young age. Through her love for drawing and painting she found her niche in the creative world.

Eventually, Ona went on to attend design school, which led her to a successful career in fashion merchandising and PR in Europe and Asia.

Upon getting married and starting a family, Ona decided to leave her fast-paced career and moved to New York City. With time to spare, she was able to reflect on her life and return to her artistic roots.

She began painting again and practiced metal and wax carving which ultimately led to her creating her own design under ONA CHAN JEWELRY.

As a designer, Ona is immensely inspired by her family, personal life and past experiences. She also draws inspiration from nature and the feeling of tranquility. With her growing jewelry collection based in Hong Kong, Ona has found great passion in sourcing stones and working with craftspeople from all over the globe.

“Today, my growing jewelry collection is a reflection of my life and on-going evolution. My inspiration comes from my family and our travels. I love sourcing stones and working with craftspeople from around the world”

Look for Ona’s writing, styling and fine products in our magazine and on our website in the near future!

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