My Great-Grandmother’s Jewelry is On Trend

My Great-Grandmother’s Jewelry is On Trend

Natural stone accessories are sharing the runways in modern jewelry for 2018-2019 collections

Natural Stones have always held a special place in history and jewelry.  I first came across natural stones with my Chinese great grandmother.  She wore intricately carved jade bracelets, earrings and pendants.  A staple in many Chinese homes.

Viewing natural stones as old fashion and grandmotherly, I would never be caught wearing any natural stone anything – thinking it cheesy.   Later in life while living in Hong Kong and traveling around Asia I came to appreciate the beauty of natural stones as it grew quietly in my psyche.

One of the oldest stones used in recorded history and my favorite natural stones is the agate, known as a protection stone from nightmares, stress and fatigue.  Since biblical times, agates have been used in accessories such as tallisman amulets and cameos for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Agates are also known to have alternative crystal healing properties – to quench thirst and protect from fevers.  Alternative healers will use the agate stone on the solar plexus to alleviate stomach illnesses.

Considered a stone of strength, the agate gives us the power to move forward and carry on through tough times.

Whatever the reason you choose to wear agates or any natural stone – Vogue Paris jewelry trend forcasts fall/winter 20189/19 finds natural stone accessories on the runways of modern jewelry.  My great grandmother is on trend.


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