Pink Lattice Cocktail ring against Blue and White striped T

Nearly Red, White and Blue - Fourth of July - Lattice Statement Ring

I am Canadian and I have American born kids.  I have always been envious at how much fun Americans seem to have celebrating the Fourth of July....No other country celebrates it's independence with such love, passion and fireworks.

This summer we re-visited New York City and was invited to celebrate the 4th at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club.  A graceful manor once owned by Colonel Elliott Fitch Shepard, founder of the New York State Bar Association and his wife Margaret - eldest daughter of William H. Vanderbilt.

While Taylor Swift's bikini clad 4th of July is Instagram worthy, the founders of the Club wouldn't be happy with flaunting these thonged choices.  Still, keeping chic in 35 degree searing heat is challenging for any 4th of July flag style but the returning summer stripes is inspiring - a pop of colour with bold resin jewelry adds a bold statement with some whimsy and fun.  The Lattice Cocktail Ringin Pink Cat's Eye is not the usual red we see on the 4th, but the fresh blend of traditional country club with gorgeous resin accessories for the country's 243rd birthday bash will kept anyone feeling polished long into the summer.

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