20% donation with every purchase to Save the Children for Ukraine Cuban Chain Link Mini Lock with Black Agate

Save the Children of Ukraine


With the invasion of Ukraine and though it's far from where I live - it brought me back to my parents' life during WW2 when the Japan sided with Germany and occupied China.  My parents became refugees.

My mother lost her mother at 6 years old and wasn't reunited with her father till she was 22 years old

After I finished college, I arrived in Hong Kong in the early 1990s. During dimsum, my maternal grandmother's only surviving sibling told me how his eldest sister died during WW2 - As my grandmother went towards the mountains to gathering fuel to burn during the Japanese invasion.  While she found tall grass growing and as she was gathering it, she realized was it grew well because she was in a field full of bodies.  Stunned at her discovery, this caused her to fall backwards from the mountain side where she was later found.  

My parents didn't share much of their early lives because much of it was surrounded by trauma....they never recovered from this. 

Trauma can be carried for a lifetime and can be generational. This is my reason to support "Save the Children".  They reach out directly to children with services during crisis. 

With every sale, 20% will be donated directly to Save the Children. There are over 7 million children in danger in Ukraine now.....please help me protect the future. Let's live our lives with Grace and Unity. 

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