The Value of a Penny

The Value of a Penny



For many years, pennies have been a part of my life. I remember walking to the corner store to buy taffy candies Mojos - 2 for a penny. I had one from 1967 but somehow after keeping it for over 25 years the penny is lost.  

In today’s economy, the penny holds little value…the Canadian Mint began to phase them out in 2012 with Americans considering the same path as it costs about 1.7 cents to make one American penny.

To me the penny is more than just a penny. When I hear “penny” I’m taken back to Hong Kong 2008.  While there aren’t any pennies there, Penny was a good friend. Two in fact, Penny Duke - a beautiful Taiwanese American fashion maven who introduced to me the street fashion of Alexander Wang and Penny Sims - a strong minded Australian who could dance till the early morning hours.

Both women gorgeous and generously opened their hearts to me and my young family when we moved to Hong Kong. They supported me with their friendships, humour and kindness. In my early days as a jewelry designer, both Pennys loved the same cocktail ring – a brilliant cut semi precious stone 8 carats held together by a wide highly polished clean tension mount.

Rose Quartz with a Rose Gold finish is soft and chic for Penny Duke while Smoky quartz and Silver is strong and bold perfect for Penny Sims. Two very different women both drawn to the same ring. Today the ring is name after these women. The Penny Ring – elegant, contemporary and bold. Every time I think or see someone with the Penny ring I think of the two Pennys.   I hope any one who has a Penny Ring fills it with friendships as I have.

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