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Family Vespa

I'm sitting in my kitchen and it's been a long winter in Raincouver.  I just had a huge yelling match with my teen daughter as she left for school.  Just for the record -  hate being a mom to teens.  I'm feeling like the day looks - grey and old.

I turned to photos on my computer and what catches my eyes are images from a trip which seems light years away.

Nothing makes me laugh more than our trip in Ho Chi Minh by Vespa. I look back and I instantly remember the sounds, the smells and the huge smiles on my kids' faces.

We tailor made this tour due to our late arrival and we mashed together a ride of sites and food. Ho Chi Minh by Vintage Vespas…..

For a quick moment I was transported back to what seems like the coolest ride ever....I miss my daughter and I miss Vietnam. I'm not so mad anymore.

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