When people are young, we don’t realise how great we have it.  I was pregnant when I finally saw that I was I’m living an incredible life. I grew up in Toronto, lived in Sydney, Hong Kong and was in New York City, when it was clear to me how fortunate I was.  In the back of my head, I was looking for a sign to tell me what I should be doing, but nothing ever came to me.  

I became mommy busy and by 2008 we returned to Hong Kong and a kids' collection I began with my daughter (Claire - 5 years) faded into the background.  

Arriving in Vancouver in 2015 and unpacking 25 years of stuff - I came across Mimi Too.  I've always want to give back, stay in the present and feel connected about giving back.  This is the perfect combination for me.   

The entire collection of Mimi Too is working for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.  A percentage of the pieces sold will go to the foundation and shipping is free as my thank you for the support.