finding myself in travel

Be bold and be yourself.  I know it's hard...finding the right groove for you isn't always easy.  Sometimes I just want to be part of the gang and I fall into what they do or what they wear to be part of their world but in the end, being yourself is sooooo much fun!  

We love to explore and  have been traveling for over 20 years.  I love the hustle and I'm a city girl and he began as a tree hugger from Vancouver.  He has pushed me out of my comfort level in so many ways that really make me mad but it's when I'm out of my zone I can see how amazing this planet is.  

Luxury travel is amazing but secretly I love trekking, biking and taking trains.  We don't always get luxury stays where we explore but occasionally I score 5 star.  

We always travel as a family and since our kids were young.  It hard to entertain a 6 year old in the back of a tuk tuk but it's always been fun and it keeps us connected as a family and connected to the world around us.