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The Value of a Penny

  For many years, pennies have been a part of my life. I remember walking to the corner shop to buy taffy candies Mojos - 2 for a penny. I had one from 1967 but somehow after keeping it for over 25 years the penny is lost.   In today’s economy, the penny holds little value…the Canadian Mint began to phase them out in 2012 with Americans considering the same path as it costs about 1.7 cents to make one American penny. To me the penny is more than a penny. When I hear the “penny” I’m taken back to when I lived in Hong Kong. While there aren’t any pennies, Penny was a good friend. Two in fact friends....

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Experience London like a Local

Today, hotels offer unbelievable experiences and the Internet is an endless source of all travel packages. But there is a growing group of people who want to immerse themselves authentically, culturally and live like locals.Stateside, this trend has Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia teaming up with Hyatt House to connect travelers to neighborhood businesses for the “Made in America” experience.I hadn’t thought of doing this myself but on a recent business trip to London, I met up with a girlfriend who lives in Hampstead and we did the local thing – that is, we hung out in Hampstead.With someone to show me around, it was easy for me to live like a local. She told me where to go and what...

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Butterflies and All Things Sweet

Bonnie Gokson has been tapped as one of “China’s Top 100 Outstanding Women” by China Association of Women Entrepreneurs. With a significant string of accomplishments Gokson has emerged and one of Hong Kong’s most impressive style icons. She has launched more than 45 high-end stores and boutiques focusing on fashion, home decor, and other lifestyle merchandise.Most recently, she has created glossy book of inspiration and imagery for her wide array of luscious cakes called, Butterflies and All Things Sweet. The line of confectionary will be celebrated in this lushly produced coffee table book photographed by Andrew Chester Ong and Petrina Tinslay and published by Goff Books.“A series of book-launch parties began in Hong Kong on September 9th and will continue...

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I love New York City. When summer begins I always visit and hopefully meet up with a few new and interesting people. This summer, I was fortunate to meet Melissa Gonzalez founder and CEO of Lion’esque Style, a premiere website for the fashion forward.Melissa was once a top Wall Street trading executive. Since leaving the industry, she has channeled her passion for uncovering intriguing stories into hunting for must-know yet under the radar brands in fashion and lifestyle. With her knack for being on the pulse of upcoming trends, Melissa is spearheading a new online destination experience – a marketplace for “what’s fresh” – and giving access to women who value having the inside scoop to unique, quality finds.Born...

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Ona Chan Hamilton is an internationally renowned artist and designer and fashion influencer. She will lend her talents, innate sensibilities and voice to DOWNTOWN Magazine brand as a contributing Lifestyle and Fashion Editor. We’re so excited about her contributions that we couldn’t wait to tell our readers more about her.Born in Toronto, Ona Hamilton developed a passion for art at a young age. Through her love for drawing and painting she found her niche in the creative world.Eventually, Ona went on to attend design school, which led her to a successful career in fashion merchandising and PR in Europe and Asia.Upon getting married and starting a family, Ona decided to leave her fast-paced career and moved to New York City....

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