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NYC Teen Billy Taylor and Star Tracks

New Yorker Billy Taylor seems like a typical lanky and quiet 12-year-old. Physical and fearless, Billy has natural balance and loves sports like skiing and surfing. From his British born father – Peter, a handy DIY- motorcycle riding dad, Billy inherited his daring nature and love of bikes. But, like many children, Billy is learning disabled, which is challenging at the best in times. In the classroom Billy is often frustrated and inward. By the age of nine, Billy’s learning hit an all time low. This began to interfere with his self-confidence and started to create anxiety concerns for himself and his parents. During this time, a family friend from England and dedicated cyclist came to visit New York. Watching...

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My Great-Grandmother’s Jewelry is On Trend

Natural stone accessories are sharing the runways in modern jewelry for 2018-2019 collections Natural Stones have always held a special place in history and jewelry.  I first came across natural stones with my Chinese great grandmother.  She wore intricately carved jade bracelets, earrings and pendants.  A staple in many Chinese homes. Viewing natural stones as old fashion and grandmotherly, I would never be caught wearing any natural stone anything – thinking it cheesy.   Later in life while living in Hong Kong and traveling around Asia I came to appreciate the beauty of natural stones as it grew quietly in my psyche. One of the oldest stones used in recorded history and my favorite natural stones is the agate, known as...

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Teen New York Film Maker

New York’s brightest new light is the precociously talented and celebrated filmmaker, 17-year-old Lukas Dong. “If there is one director to watch at Am Docs 2014, it just may be this young man with an extremely bright future. Lukas Dong, a 17-year-old junior at an East Coast high school, is the youngest person to ever have a film selected to screen at our annual Festival.” — American Documentary Film Festival and Film Fund Passion is an interesting thing.  We never know when or where we will find it. For Lukas Dong, a quiet and unassuming 4th grader who was living in Hong Kong, filming his friends skateboarding was his start. Working with a point-and-shoot, camera he was fascinated by the...

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