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Lattice Value Bracelets Giving a Helping Hand – DFS Vancouver

Lattice Corded Bracelets showing our values.   My support for Dress For Success Vancouver comes from a place of personal experience.  Open your hearts and minds and support the many women who are often over looked. We never really know how life will end up and sometimes we need a helping hand and show how we feel on our sleeves.   Watching the divorce of my older sister unfold has been an eye opening experience.  She has been beaten down by issues I didn’t think people thought of anymore.  As oppressive and sad as her situation may be – she has been able to rise above it and is finding her true self.  Not every woman understands her rights or...

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NYC Teen Billy Taylor and Star Tracks

New Yorker Billy Taylor seems like a typical lanky and quiet 12-year-old. Physical and fearless, Billy has natural balance and loves sports like skiing and surfing. From his British born father – Peter, a handy DIY- motorcycle riding dad, Billy inherited his daring nature and love of bikes. But, like many children, Billy is learning disabled, which is challenging at the best in times. In the classroom Billy is often frustrated and inward. By the age of nine, Billy’s learning hit an all time low. This began to interfere with his self-confidence and started to create anxiety concerns for himself and his parents. During this time, a family friend from England and dedicated cyclist came to visit New York. Watching...

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