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The Party over at Instagram

  Introducing the improved Instagram site. The go to place for new information, pieces and silly things about life in Vancouver! Come and join me there to keep updated on special offers, matcha lattes and the occasion drink or two! We would love to hear your comments and suggestions!

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Vintage Vespa Fun

I'm sitting in my kitchen and it's been a long winter in Raincouver.  I just had a huge yelling match with my teen daughter as she left for school.  Just for the record -  hate being a mom to teens.  I'm feeling like the day looks - grey and old. I turned to photos on my computer and what catches my eyes are images from a trip which seems light years away.Nothing makes me laugh more than our trip in Ho Chi Minh by Vespa. I look back and I instantly remember the sounds, the smells and the huge smiles on my kids' faces.We tailor made this tour due to our late arrival and we mashed together a ride of...

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Mimi Too and the BC Children's Hospital Campaign - October 1st 2016

I began carving just before I became pregnant with my daughter Claire. We were living in New York City just before 9/11. Carving is my salvation.   It’s where I find my peace. Constantly exhausted from the events and tension that stuck our adopted home and caring for my infant daughter - I could carve and forget the blur of the day and focus. I would carve well into the early morning and still wake to feed my baby. Three years and two toddlers later, they would mimic me and draw or paint with me as I was creating. They often start painting on paper and quickly spread their work onto the floors. We always had great fun finger painting under...

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Bhutan/ Twenty Years in the Making

There is a certain charm and adventure to traveling in a country that is so removed from what is normal and figuring out how to get around. Many years ago in the mid 90s my then boyfriend – who is now my husband was invited by a friend working in Bhutan to visit him.   A restricted country, Bhutan is a small South Asian kingdom landlocked in eastern Himalaya. To my backpacking adventure seeking boyfriend this was an invitation of a lifetime. But I had just joined Tom Ford’s Gucci team in Hong Kong – time off would be impossible.  Disappointed that I wouldn’t join, he generously declined the invitation. Subsequently, I endured years of teasing about the adventure that could...

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